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However i need to know if it will work with Flash media live encoder. They said they used it on google hangouts. I ave not been able to get it to work anywhere. Any help or suggestions on this? Great article, thanks! Is there any delay between the audio and video?

How to Convert Panasonic HDC-HS700 AVCHD on Mac

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, Brent, for putting this post together. I was looking for a better setup for WebEx video and this did it. The folks on the other end of the connection raved about the video quality and your directions were spot on. Was that a previous version of the Meeting Center?

Excellent post! On the point of following your recipe to the word but before I buy the material, hoping you could give your opinion: Recently asked to show an older work which worked with DV camera connected by firewire to a mac, hoping to upgrade to a HD cam like you show. Max seems to recognize firewire camera and webcams like the logitech. Am wondering if you think there will be any problem with the Blackmagic? Thanks again for the post. Hi Bernt, how long the battery works? We have webinars for 1: Is the battery sufficient for this?

Or is that possible to charge the battery when broadcasting? Thank you, Martin. You can charge the battery whole broadcasting. Great post Brent! Thanks for the post Brent. Did you have a problem like this one at the beginning? Thanks Charles. I have version Version 5. I wonder if it might be related to this? They have the details they wanted. Basically ScreenFlow does not technically support capture cards or devices, but if the video shows in the Video Preview window, it should be recorded.

The workaround I have just tested with great success is a downgrade to Screenflow 4, the latest version 4. Brent, thanks for a great post, I have decided to buy the Mini Recorder after reading it, and my initial tests have been quite successful, except for the snafu with Screenflow 5, which is quite odd. Thanks for the post. I am using google hangouts and zoom. Right now i record the videos to the sd card and then i upload it to vimeo or youtube but the advantage of streaming with youtube is that you save the upload part.

I think it only outputs video. I asked Canon Sales and they said it only works in playback mode. Ok, thanks.

I have not way of testing other than buying without knowing, I was just wondering if it works. In the event that you were to connect your tv to your camcorder with the microphone active you would get a feedback loop and maybe blow the speakers on the TV. This is a problem I have run into with streaming.

Panasonic HDC SD707: 1080/50p mit Toast Titanium für den Mac konvertieren

Hi I need immediate help, and would appreciate your response. I am in Aurora as a matter of fact, so we can possibly meet too! Please help me out, need to get this done before friday.

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We just bought a Canon Vixia HF G20 but i dont think that is good so might return and get the stuff you have mentioned here. First i thought of getting a PTZ camera, but didnt think it would fulfil the requirements. So then went on to get the HF G Hi Brent, Amazing article by the way, I need expert advice on this. I know the article is about that but I do not have enought money to buy a new handy cam.

I purchased the ultraStudio mini-recorder after reading your article. For the life of me, I cannot seem to navigate to the preferences screen shown in your step 3. Can you kindly update the instructions for v Same app can be accessed from the Applications folder. Strike my last. I was originally testing with Skype but switched over to Screenflow 5 which is ultimately the app I truly want to use.

Well at least in the Recording Setup dialogue, it lets me select it and shows a live feed from that camera. Once I actually record, however, it picks up no video track. Great article. Thanks for the referral to this Blackmagic product. Looks like this will be a no-go. Please do make the feature request for camera support. Hi With great interest have I red your article about use a video camera as webcam I bought the converter and use my own Panasonic camera.

Your image shows the possibility to choose a video camera.

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Where can I find that list? I know get the webcam from my Macbook Pro. Even not the build in camera. Maybe you have experienced the same problems as I do now. Our do you have a solution to help me out. Hi brent I had hoped for a more in depth answer. I get video within Skype so the video camera works. Normally facetime works perfect. Ah, okay, so if you want to know which apps are compatible with the Blackmagic right now, check out the documentation:. I am thinking of getting the Black Magic Ultrastudio mini recorder, but I want to use it with my Macbook Pro as a webcam during Zoom sessions, rather than Skype.

Have you ever tried it with Zoom? Thanks for the informative article. Glad I happened upon this to find the Magewell device. I hope that you, your wife, and your four legged family member are enjoying life to the fullest. I am using Blackmagic Studio Express and it is not working for me. How did you get all those other capture device options in the camera selection dropdown? I only seem to have one Blackmagic camera selection option and it does now work.

The Ultrastudio Express is a different product. Make sure to read the article carefully to understand what product to buy. Hope that helps! I clap on camera to help me line everything up later.

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Telestream had me clear out caches and set everything back to default settings but no change. Same result with OBS software, so something is slowing down the video. Then, try other recording software to rule out a ScreenFlow problem. Next, check CPU usage on the computer.

Best of luck! Hi Brent, Have you tried this setup since WebEx updated their software this spring ? We had another setup that still works with other video programs, but no longer works with WebEx…. In other words, I would like to stream live to the web and capture a recording of the video on the camcorder at the same time.

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