Mac vim change color scheme

The most common group of all.

Installing Apprentice.

You probably want to keep it simple with this one, using some variation of white and black. This one is actually not for constants, defined within the language, but for things like strings and numbers. Braces, mathematical operators, commas. Which ones have this highlighting actually depends on the filetype, some prefer to use Special for punctuation.

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Usually control flow statements, but this depends on the filetype as well. In vim, the built-in commands are highlighted with this group.

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  • Remember that you can execute highlight commands directly in the command line, which will let you experiment with the colors before you write them to the file. If you change your mind, just set the colorcheme again, which will clear your tweaks.

    The basics

    You can also execute: Fortunately, vim has a few functions that help you discover the syntax properties of the text. You can investigate them in detail here , but I suggest you try out the SyntaxAttr.


    After placing it in autoload , you just need to execute call SyntaxAttr SyntaxAttr. This will display information about the syntax directly under the cursor. Another interesting plugin that helps in the console is xterm-color-table. And as for the hexcodes, the colorizer.

    Enabling Syntax Highlighting for vim in Mac OS X

    Here are a few you might be interested in:. The solarized colorscheme, for example, makes removed items red and added ones green. Coloring the popup menu might seem like a small tweak, but having a bright pink one with white text can be highly annoying. This one is for highlighting the visual selection. If the default look of search matches looks unsightly to you, you could tweak this as I showed above.

    Note that this also affects the currently active line in the quickfix window. These groups handle the looks of the window separator lines. Folded and FoldColumn: The second one only matters if you set a foldcolumn , but the first one would be important if you use folding at all. You should be careful not to make folded text too similar to status lines, or you might get confused when you work with splits. It controls the color of the active item in the menu.

    macvim - VIM Color scheme not loading by default - Stack Overflow

    Looks like this:. You can customize what the matching brace looks like by tweaking this group. Many other editors are designed with the assumption that these color mappings are just data. That makes a lot of sense and is simple enough to implement. Assuming your terminal emulator actually supports colors, you must instruct it to brag about its terminal-hood by setting the correct TERM environment variable.

    As an alternative to changing your default TERM to xtermcolor or similar, you can keep its default value usually something like xterm or screen and set your terminal emulator to use the Apprentice colorscheme instead of its default colors. If light colorschemes are more your thing, Disciple is an experimental and mostly unmaintained negative version of Apprentice. Some code in MacVim: Preparing your environment.

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