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Microsoft Excel and Apple's Numbers are both spreadsheet applications that can automatically process numerical data and update when that data changes. Both are part of a software suite. Numbers can be bought individually or as part of iWork.

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Microsoft Office comes in several configurations, though all contain Excel and you cannot buy it as standalone software. Excel is available for PCs and Macs. Numbers is only available as an application for Macs, but PC users can access an online-only edition. Although they have many similar and identical features, Excel and Numbers have a key fundamental difference.

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Excel, like most spreadsheets, treats an entire "sheet" everything shown on the screen and beyond when you scroll as a single table. Numbers instead treats each table as separate, even if two or more tables are on the same sheet. As a generalization, this means Numbers is simpler to use, but is more limited in the complexity of calculations and formulas it can handle.

1. Master the basics

Different tables or charts on the same sheet don't have to be linked in any way in Numbers. The biggest advantage of Excel over Numbers is the range of functions available. A function is any command you can issue, either by pressing a button or typing the relevant term, to perform a particular calculation.

Simple examples include SUM, which automatically fills and updates a cell with the total of all the entries in a particular column or row. As of October , Apple advertised more than functions in Numbers, while Excel was reported as having almost , with 51 new functions added in Excel This means Excel may be more useful for advanced users, though the more limited range of functions may make the Numbers user interface and syntax simpler for more casual users. Numbers can open most documents created in Excel, but some documents may have formatting or other problems. For best results, you must specifically choose to save an Excel document in a format suitable for opening in Numbers.

Numbers has a specific built-in tool for exporting in Excel format, which converts each table in the Numbers file into a separate sheet in the Excel file.

Difference Between Microsoft Excel & Apple Numbers

As of October , Office including Excel is available on Windows Phones, iPhones and Android smartphones as an application that includes basic document creation, editing and formatting functions. Software usage policy Tech Pro Research. Your users may be familiar with Microsoft Excel, but they may not know where to find commonly accessed features in Apple's Numbers. Here's a quick rundown of 10 common actions in Numbers. Add Rows and Columns: Add a column within Numbers by right-clicking a cell within a corresponding column and selecting Add Column Before or Add Column After.

Add a Worksheet: Configure Data Formats: With the corresponding cell s highlighted, display the Inspector pane, which appears on the application's right, confirm the Format icon is selected and use the drop-down menu within the Cell tab to set a cell's data format. Display the Inspector pane by clicking within a cell or clicking View from the Numbers menu bar and selecting Inspector and then Show Inspector, if the Inspector view was previously hidden.

Configure Cells: Highlight the corresponding cell s , display the Inspector pane, confirm the Format icon is selected, and click the Cell tab to configure cell fill and borders, as well as conditional highlighting settings.

Numbers - Mac Compatibility - Apple

Configure Cell Text: Highlight the corresponding cell s , display the Inspector pane, ensure the Format icon is selected, and click the Text tab to configure font, alignment, text wrapping, and spacing. Freeze and unfreeze header rows by highlighting the row number that appears on the left of the Numbers application, clicking the down arrow that appears and selecting Freeze Headers Rows to check or uncheck the selection as you desire.

Insert Sums, Averages, and Other Values: Highlight the cell where the value should be entered, and then click Insert from the Numbers menu bar, click Formula, and select the corresponding operation. Alternatively, you can highlight the cell where the total should be placed and click the Insert icon that appears within the Numbers toolbar and then select the corresponding operation—be sure to double-check and confirm Numbers calculates the correct cells which the application highlights by default.

You can adjust the chosen cells by double-clicking the cell in which the operation appears, manually adjusting the described cells, and clicking the Green checkmark to save the change. Insert Chart: Highlight the corresponding cells and click the Chart icon within the Numbers toolbar, and then select the type of chart you wish to create.

Can Pages and Numbers Replace Word and Excel on Your Mac?

Numbers will place the chart within the sheet. Insert Table: Display the Inspector pane, ensure the Format icon is selected, click the Table tab, and then use the provided header and footer, table outline, and row and column size settings to configure the table Figure B. Sort and Filter Cells: Numbers is compatible with Microsoft Excel. If you're creating spreadsheets in collaboration with Excel users, or if you're sending your Numbers file to a Microsoft Excel user, you can save a Numbers file as an Excel spreadsheet or export the Numbers file as an Excel spreadsheet to ensure recipients don't experience any trouble.

Complete step-by-step instructions for saving a Numbers file in Microsoft's Excel format are available on TechRepublic. While most spreadsheet elements translate well between both platforms, including commenting and conditional formatting, anomalies sometimes arise; for example, complex table elements and certain fonts may not translate perfectly. For a complete list of compatibility features and behaviors, view the comprehensive Excel-to-Numbers chart Apple maintains on its site.

Apple's iCloud users will find separate directories created by default for storing each application's files. I initially found the Numbers behavior of storing files by default within the iCloud Numbers directory a little presumptuous. However, as I've increasingly become dependent upon cloud services to share, view, and edit spreadsheets using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Windows PC, the feature has proven helpful and saved time.

Depending upon permissions the spreadsheet owner sets, iCloud users can subsequently access and even edit Numbers files using their Apple or Windows web browser.

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