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The Best Mac Git Gui

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Your trial is downloading… Try Tower "Pro" for 30 days without limitations! Free email course " Learn Git with Tower " 8 emails. I have read and accept the Privacy Policy. Predominately you interact with git from the command line, inputting commands such as git status or git commit to manipulate your repository.

Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac and Windows

When you first learn git the CLI can be daunting and confusing. Browsing through your history of commits with git log is not efficient. Even after you learn a few tricks such as git log --graph --oneline --all it remains difficult to really explore your history. The first GitX version released was created by pieter on his GitHub account. This version is highly stable however it lacks two very important things: The last time this version of GitX was updated was on Oct 2nd, Due to the lack of a development cycle the UI has begun to show its age.

To toggle between viewing your history and staging a commit isn't as intuitive as other git GUI clients.

This version is quite minimal in that regard: This is one of the more popular GitX forks available. It was my client of choice until I discovered one big problem this fork has: When I first began using GitX L my repos were small enough that it ran fine. However as soon as my repo grew this fork couldn't keep up. Every time I'd refresh my history of commits I'd have to wait upwards of 30 seconds for it to finish scanning my log history.

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Aside from the performance issues on large git projects this fork brings a lot of nice UI improvements. The overall usability of this GitX client is great.


The screens are clearly laid out, easy to navigate, and the GUI doesn't get in the way should you want to drop into a CLI and directly type in some git commands. Gitbox prides itself on its minimalism. The UI is calm but plain, with few buttons available to push, allowing you to focus on your commit history and staging. It doesn't have a built in diff app so by default it makes use of FileMerge but is compatible with a range of 3rd-party diff applications.

Tower is one of the more full-featured git GUI clients available. Nearly everything that you would want to do with git you can do with Tower. This makes for a very powerful GUI however one that can be intimidating on first blush. Each screen has a lot going on as it seems that the creators of Tower tried to implement nearly everything you could do with git in the CL with a GUI.

This makes for screens bursting with buttons and tabs and tables of information.

GUI Clients

If you really don't like the CL then Tower is a suitable choice for you. This GUI is another full-featured one that rivals Tower. Where it differs significantly is the price: SourceTree is freely available in the Mac App store. That's a nice convenience that makes installing this GUI a breeze. Another nice feature of SourceTree is it is able to load Mercurial repositories alongside git repositories. admin