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I then grabbed the top bar of the window that was out of bounds and dragged it into view. Safari is totally off the the right side of the window and only going to launchpad and clicking safari again will bring the application to the front. Not the worst thing in the world but frustrating nonetheless.

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My only solution has been to use Mission Control to drag the app to the other display. Once there it recognizes the menu bar and lets me drag the title bar around again. For some reason, the app will only open maximized, hiding the title bar behind the menu bar, which sucks because I want to be able to resize it, minimize it, move it around at times.

I could drag the vertical resize arrow horizontally to get it back, but when I re-open the app, it maximizes again hiding the title bar. If you have 2 screens: Move the window with the hidden title bar to the lower screen.

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The title bar then appears on the upper screen. I had the issue with Photoshop.

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I tried Command, Shift, Option buttons in all different combinations — to no avail. I was having a problem with this in InDesign as the window was completely off the page. Nothing worked.

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The only thing that did work that I stumbled upon was in Window, switching from Application Frame to Application Bar and the window came back into view. I have a similar problem but with a slight wrinkle. Instead of the title bar being hidden so that some of the resize solutions work , the entire window is hidden.

Clicking on it just moves the window back off-screen.

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The Mac sucks so bad at losing windows off screen, especially if you have multiple monitors, or use a laptop with an external monitor. I really wish Apple would address this problem better. The above did not work for me so I went ham on it, trying all sorts of key combinations in conjunction with the resize feature. I was working with Filezilla.

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