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Financial Fate is for longer-term personal financial planning and has been designed to require no formal financial planning training to use. Financial Fate can tell you if your money management practices will lead to being financially solvent for life, or if you need to make some changes to avoid money problems later.

If you don't need fully featured personal financial software and you're really more concerned about keeping a budget, there are some great free budget spreadsheet templates you can use with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or the spreadsheet in Google Docs. Just download and open them in your spreadsheet software. Financial Software Personal Finance Apps.

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By Shelley Elmblad. Continue Reading. Once selected these accounts can be customized to include specific accounts and categories. I found the budgeting tools to be excellent and, if you choose to use the envelope method, simple, when necessary, to pull money from one envelope so you can put it another.

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Scheduled transactions automatically appear in the Calendar app. If your bank account is setup to use bill pay features you can use iBank 5 to pay your bills, with the added benefit that iBank 5 will first check to make sure that the transaction will not cause an overdraft. There is no better financial app available today for your Mac. If you're looking for a Mac app to keep track of you finances, there's really nothing better than iBank 5.

Top Choice: Our favorite online-based business accounting apps.

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Banktivity automatically gives you a breakdown of your net worth through time. A consistently increasing net worth is an indicator of good financial health. Banktivity shows you valuable investment metrics like short and long term gains, dividend returns, IRR internal rate of return , ROI return on investment and even performance of individual lots. An integrated portfolio shows you the big picture. Meet Nancy! She does all of our webinars to make sure you get off on the right path.

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  8. Nancy is an excellent and friendly teacher. Our blog on money. Learning is a life long journey.

    Best personal finance software for money management & budgeting - Mac & Windows

    Approachable and professional, our US-based technical support specialists are available for live chat 7 days a week. We aren't in the businesses of mining your personal financial data. We don't sell your data to advertisers and we don't try to sell you financial products like more credit cards or insurance. Our cloud sync is built with device-based end-to-end encryption. That means your data is never in transit without being encrypted first.

    We put our money where our mouth is.

    Take Control of Your Financial Life

    If you aren't completely satisfied, just ask for your money back within 90 days of your purchase. This offer is only good if you buy the software directly from us. We can't issue refunds when purchased through the Mac App Store or Amazon. Get Your Free Trial Today. Start my free trial.

    The Mac App Store is almost exactly 8 years old as I write this it was first released to the public on January 6, When we first heard Read blog. Welcome new followers and customers! We got some more great Banktivity webinars tomorrow.

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