Best mac eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes

Click on — your shadow soul mate awaits. From brushed up brows to simple center parts, fresh skin, and subtly glossy lips, pared down simplicity is usually the go-to at London Fashion Week.

10 List of the Best MAC Eyeshadows Recommendation

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14 Ways To Make Hazel Eyes Even More Stunning

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Porn stars are bonafide beauty experts. Green eyes can very hugely in colour. Some green eyes have a tinge of blue, some have a hint of brown and some green eyes are just a stunning emerald green. While dazzling green eyes can look amazing with all of the above colours, I find that champagne colours and purples work beautifully with blue-green eyes and champagnes, coppers and browns can make hazel eyes sparkle. Here is a list of the best MAC eyeshadows to compliment your eye colour.

The Best MAC Shadows for Green Eyes | Caroline Bourke

Shadowy Lady- a blackened plum Matte excellent for a night out as it is really dark, but opt for Sketch if you want to tone the look down a little bit. Expensive Pink- a beautiful champagne pink Veluxe Pearl -ideal for illuminating the inner corners of the eyes and making them pop. I recommend pairing these two together. They are a rich and classic combination that subtly bring out the colours in the eyes.

Expensive Pink and Satin Taupe are also lovely on hazel eyes, as the soft rose gold accentuates the green and brings out the brown in the eye. I always opt for neutrals, browns, golds, rose gold and copper colours for hazel eyes as they add warmth to hazel-green eyes. Smut- Muted black with red shimmer Satin Use as much or as little of this shade to smoke out the makeup look.

While all of the above colour combinations will work on people with pretty green eyes, I also love:.

Definitely invest in Satin Taupe and Expensive Pink regardless of what mix of green is in your eyes. If you have any makeup related questions, or if you try any of these eyeshadows on your green eyes, message me on Facebook , Tweet me or tag me on Instagram.

Understanding What Eye Shadow Best Goes with Hazel Eyes

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