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Thank you soooooo much!!!!!! My resume is finally looking better. Select the Header or Footer on any page. Click on Header and Footer, then check the box in front of Different First page. How is it that Word always manages to change for the worse the exact commands that I use most often?! Thank you so much for sharing your fix… I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!! My teacher yelled at me for not having this correct even though I told her ahead of time i did not know how to fix it.

I told her I had a Mac and she said that was the problem. Thank you! I, too, was going nuts trying to figure it out. You saved me a bunch of time and my sanity! I never would have figured that out.

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You are swell, pubmem. This tip is a real public service. Are the Word for Mac people taking note? You got that right! After all of the comments, I am not sure if I am missing this but……. I am trying to keep the header for the first 12 pages of my document and just delete it for the last 2 pages. I have to email my professor the doc. How can I make the first 12 pages of my document have a header and the last 2 not? Thanks in advance. Add a section break next page at the end of the last page that should have a header. Thanks, ditto to what David above said: Saved me a ton of time.

Usually it differentiates the first page automatically, but apparently when I inserted the header on the first page initially, it left me in a perpetual cycle of all-page-symmetry. Thanks for the quick and easy here. So please those who did figure it out: If that is impossible… how does one get rid of the header from the pages that follow the letterhead?

Thank you soooo much! New to office for mac and this was found after an hour of searching the web trying to format my paper for apa properly. Thank You. I wish Word would come back, it was so much more user-friendly. Thank you a million times over!! This was impossible to find!

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Where do I give you my credit card?! Hy, i am traing to make a book, and i want to make a diffrent header like that the 1,3,5,.. I work on imac office ! Take a look at LaTeX or some other more professional tools than Word.

Microsoft Word-Starting Page Numbering From A Specific Page

Well, you enable the checkbox. Then you double click at the header of an odd page and format it to your wishes. Then you double click at the header of an even page and format it to your wishes. Any tips? Hey, thanks so much! I kept finding and losing this function in three different recent versions of Word. I do this but still get the header and footer appearing on subsequent pages.

Driving me crazyyyyy!!! There does not seem to be any delete header or footer from section command. I have deselected link to previous and it is now a new section but as per the section break but I cannot delete them no matter where I look. I am clearly missing something and I am a self confessed idiot with computers but I am at a loss.

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Thank you a million times. Now if I could just figure out how to leave footers as page numbers throughout the whole document, and the header only on the first document! Thank you very much for this! Tried both double clicking on the header but there is no option to select different first page. Neither is there the option for documents under format.

We have excel for mac? Very confused. Thanks for the help but I have one other problem. The header I need is an image about 2in high. When I set the header to the first page and the type goes down to the second page, the margins are the same as the first page. I go to set the margins on the second page from this point on and it changes the margins on the first page. Any chance you know how to fix this? That was simplistic, and way better than Microsofts instructions or the Mac instructions…Awesome.

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Is there a way to make each page behave differently? I would like to have a different footer on every page? I have version You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Header/Footer only on first page - Microsoft Community

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John Lloyd February 3rd, Nadim March 6th, Sunny April 4th, Good grief, I was about to tear out my hair, thanks for posting, you are a life saver! Maggie Rosa May 4th, Scrilla May 26th, I was ready to scream! Future RN June 9th, Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hans Schenk June 28th, Debi July 30th, Meg October 29th, Debi July 31st, Irix August 7th, Photogal August 17th, Barb Chapman August 23rd, Michelle August 31st, Thank you so much for posting this!! Allen Ortega August 31st, Did this solve your problem?

Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. Chris in VA Created on August 8, I have a template design for some school stationary with a header and footer. However, when there is enough text to got to a page 2 or page 3, the header appears on every page. We have multiple versions of Office for Macs - , , I am designing the template using Office for Mac. This thread is locked.

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