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To keep file size down, a JPG is compressed, which will result in some loss of detail. If you are digitizing photos for a website or slideshow, this is probably what you want. TIFFs are not as commonly used. They may not be recognized by all photo sharing sites, but will be usable by photo editing software.

Align your document or image with the top left corner on the GT and Expression XL scanners. Your document will scan.

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In the Add Page dialogue box that pops up, choose whether you want to save your file, edit it, or add a page. You will be taken back to the preview window, and you can put the next page into the scanner. If it is the same size as the first page, there is no need to go through the preview again; just position the page on the scanner bed and click Scan, then save the file when all the pages have been added. If you have no other pages to scan, click Save. Repeat this step if necessary. When you are finished, click Edit page and go to step Repeating this step, you can scan up to pages of a document at a time.

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You see the Editing Page window displaying thumbnail images of each scanned page. The Editing Page window displays thumbnails of each scanned page.

You can use the tools below the Editing Page window to select, rotate, reorder, and delete pages in your document. Click the Help button for details.

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If you want to include all the document pages in your PDF file as they currently look, go to step If you do not need to include some of the pages, click the odd pages or even pages icons, or click the individual pages you do not need. Then click the delete icon to delete them.

When you have finished editing your document pages, click OK. The simple interface makes every task effortless, and the same applies to scanning multiple pages into one PDF. Once you click the button, a pop up window will appear, and you'll need to select the scanner you want to use for this task. After selecting the scanner, select the pages you want to scan.

Once you are satisfied with the options and settings, click on "Scan". Your scanner will begin the scanning process. Once the first page is scanned, another pop up window will appear. You will be asked if the scan is complete, or if you'd like to scan more pages to complete the document. Click "Scan more pages", and the scanner will continue to scan more pages.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into one PDF File?

In the end, all of the pages will be scanned in one file, and PDFelement will open it directly when the scanning is completed. From there, you can start working on the file or save it to your device. Nov 03,